Transitional Shades

Transitional Shades offer you the privacy of a window shade, the softened view of a sheer and the option of raising or lowering your shade with privacy and light control at every level. They are dual-layered and create the effect of blinds when they’re open, allowing in natural light while retaining privacy. When closed, they function just like normal shades, but give you the benefit of customizing the level of light, much like layered sheers and draperies. This fantastic and versatile window treatment is a great solution for so many spaces.


Transitional shades are a combination of shades, blinds and sheers.

You create the open and closed (room darkening) effect when two fabrics pass by one another with opposing sheer and semi-opaque sections. Note the appearance of blinds with some light coming through, but you still maintain the same privacy you would if you had light coming in through sheers.


allure transitional shades

Allure Transitional Shades give you the ability to raise and lower your shade while still controlling the amount of light for a cozy environment. Raise both layers together for an unobstructed view and full sunlight.


layered window shades

Because there is no horizontal slat to collect dust, caring for an Allure Transitional Shade is easy. Just feather dust or vacuum at a low setting. 


These can be layered with outer draperies for a beautiful end result. If you are struggling to decide between shades, blinds, sheers, light and privacy, transitional shades truly can be the answer to all your questions.


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